About me…………well this is the hardest page on the site to create!

I like to spend my spare time (rare commodity these days) out riding my bike, or walking through the hills of NZ. Photography started as an excuse about why I wasnt riding my bike on those wet days, or when everyone was riding the hard tracks…..”No I wont be riding today – I have decided to take photos instead……”

As it turns out, I quite enjoy photography.

Since then, I have expanded my photography to cover many different sports, events and thrown in a few Portrait shoots as well.

I am a Leo, which apparently makes me a bit bossy, but you will never be able to tell me that. But it also makes me an extrovert and very passionate about my work.
Photography is a sideline from my normal day job - it is something I love doing. Therefore it is all about the result, and less about making money.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your photography project and how I could help you acheive it.